Nature’s bounty merges with reality here in Kerala! The shimmering brooks and waterfalls that are woven into the greenery of the hills finally roll down to the coastal pains of Kerala where they laze through verdant stretches of paddy fields and coconut trees. The splendorous expanse of backwater and lakes have made Kerala into a magical land and one of the must see destinations of the world.

The breathtaking beauty of Kerala has won the hearts of the tourist’s world over. Nearly 17 million tourists visit India and nearly 16% of them visit Kerala. The greenery of Kerala being the main fascination, many enterprises in the Government and private sector are all set to utilise this boom. Outbound tourism along with regional tourism has been on the growth trail with more and more entrepreneurs entering the field. Pilgrimage, Education, Business, Sports have all played a major role in encourage the regional tourism.

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